Technology And Files Integration

Integrates with SJS

Automatic data pull and integration with SJS. Eliminating errors and reduces processing time.

Submit Documents

Document storage and secured within the SJS database. No new database to maintain

Digital Signatures

All Modules have a digital signature feature. Reducing back and forth time to obtain needed signatures.

Easy, Fluid, and Integral

User friendly interface unlocks full potential of SJS without a complete overhaul into a new system and doesn't break the bank!

TAFI Modules

Stop using paper use of force to replicate the same information you already entered into SJS.
This module allows for you to flag an SJS incident as a force incident. This allows the person(s) force was used against to be sent to another SJS internal table to keep track of injuries, narratives, and the type of force used. Use of force reports can be reviewed by a direct line supervisor after which an administrator can review it and keep track of the status of the force and the DCJS reporting requirements.

Form template information's breed errors and time lost. The accusatory instrument module allows the officer to select an incident and any law section defined in the incident and automatically generate charge language from the New York State website in real time. Say goodbye to outdated charge language and having to keep information templates up to date. The accusatory information populates incident date, time, location, suspect/victim name, and current time. These are the most common reasons why an information needs to be re-done. Digital signatures makes for easy creation from a road laptop real time out in the field.

Don't ever loose an appearance ticket again. The appearance ticket module creates a simple to read A/T that is NYS CPL compliant. The A/T module populates directly from SJS the suspect information, court information, and charge information. Digital signature for ease of use and simple paper-like use without the limitations of paper.

Simple and easy for your convenience. Personal property information but digitized and housed safely inside the SJS database. No more copies or loosing paper. Just a simple interface to keep track of Suspect belongings and a digital signature for validation.

Modules in the works
  • Criminal Mischief Affidavit
  • Larceny Mischief Affidavit
  • Burglary Mischief Affidavit
  • Supporting Depositions
  • CAD Integration
  • Crime Mapping

Pay as you go

With our no hassle pricing plans

  • Hardware included
  • On Boarding
  • Agency customization
  • Training
$500 / mo.
  • Up to 30 users
  • All standard modules included
  • Customer service
  • Single monthly pull
$1000 +
  • New plugins
  • Custom form creation
  • Data extractions
  • Crime Mapping

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