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Convenience does not require you to give up privacy. See how you can take back [Ctrl] of your digital life.


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Sometimes it feels like in the changing world of technology, we have lost privacy. Our mission, is to provide a way for you to find that privacy.

Maybe you don't want big tech having all your photos, maybe you need a secure phone free of spyware, or maybe you just need a safe secure place for your private documents. Here at [Ctrl]sync, we want to help you unplug from big tech without just unplugging.

"because digital privacy needs control"

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Many years ago, I became frustrated with the idea that every few years hardware expires like food on a shelf. Little did I know this is mostly a software issue aimed at sales increase. This lead me to Linux which paved the way for me to take old hardware and re-purpose it. As the years rolled on, I learned everything I could about Linux, hardware, servers, web design, and anything else I could pick up and find a use for.

Fifteen years later, I found myself asking why is the world giving up there privacy to two large companies that are monetizing our thoughts and emotions? From that [Ctrl]sync was born.

-Schmidt, Founder

Reasons to Host Your own Cloud

No third party access
No monthly fees
Your network your speed
Access Control