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Can privacy be accomplished online?

Cloud Privacy

Difficult but possible

This is a double edged sword. Online privacy can be accomplished but it comes at a price. A price your friends and family will hate you for. But you can mitigate what is released onto the internet without too much inconvenience. The three main devices that leak out privacy are; our cellphones, our laptop/desktop computers, and our cloud services that traverse both cellphone and computer. Let's talk about the cloud services because this is the largest breach of our privacy and the least difficult system to change.

What is a cloud?

So, what is a cloud. The cloud is simply a computer that allows you to store data on it over the internet. It is the same idea as having a friend store your photos on his computer at his house and allow you access to them when you come over. Whenever you want access to your photos, you need to go to your friends house. This same concept holds true for “Big Tech’s” cloud. The difference is, they use the internet to allow you access to the files you save on their computers - but the part about it being at your friends house stays true. “Big Tech” has your data stored at their house. The cloud gives you an allure of owning the data yourself because it shows up immediately on your cell phone or computer when you go to look at it or share it. However, the reality is you don’t fully own it. You took the picture, you lived in that moment, but the cloud company immediately gets that photo. Even if you delete it from your device - who is to say they delete it from their device?

What about turning it off?

Can you turn off cloud storage on most modern cell phones? Absolutely but what happens when you want to switch devices, or have access to a photo from a desktop computer or laptop? Cloud storage is a super convenient and a helpful way to store your data. Removing it from your life is a difficult task.

First steps in digital privacy

The solution is merging local storage with cloud computing. [Ctrl]Sync is here to give you the cloud abilities without trusting a third party to hold your data. Be your own cloud and store your own data. Home Cloud is a small device that allows you to leverage the Nextcloud platform to sync all your devices in a nice convenient way, all while housing the data in the device in your living room. We are not asking you to trust [Ctrl]Sync we are asking you to trust yourself. House your data in your home without giving up the convenience of the cloud infrastructure.

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